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Deciding, investigating and dating in suspected inflicted injury – Karl Johnson

Inflicted injury medicolegal update – Sally Old

Paediatric ultrasound emergencies – Vivian Tang

MSK 2: Differential diagnosis – Amaka Offiah

Brain imaging in NAI – Fionn Williams

Paediatric Fluoroscopic Emergencies – David Garbera

MSK 1: Traumatic – Dr Caren Landes

Non traumatic MSK – Amaka Offiah

Paediatric Plain Film – What not to miss – Caren Landes

Nephrourology MDT – Jim Carmichael

Gastrointestinal cases – Dr Maria Sellars

Gastrointestinal – Dr Maria Sellars

Paediatric Chest part 2 – Kate Park

MR for paediatric emergencies – Saira Haque

Neuro imaging in a child – Ashok Raghavan

ECG and psychiatric medication – Dan Bromage

Interactive ECG Session 2 – Dan Bromage

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