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Thursday 27 February 2020: Intensive supervised hands-on practice in all competence areas (FAST, AAA, Vascular Access and ECHO)

Friday 28 February 2020: Formal Assessment and final sign-off


at the Bromley Court Hotel, Bromley, London BR1 4JD [Bromley is one stop and 16 mins from London Victoria station]

Day 1: Practice Sessions

Day 2: Formal Assessment

Course fee

Practice Sessions and Formal Assessment
£795 includes VAT @ 20%

Lunch is provided on Day 1 only.
Lunch is not provided on Day 2.

Fees do not include accommodation.

Download: Full course programme

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Target audience

Full course programme

Practice Day - Who is it for?

The Practice Sessions are for the doctor seeking:

intensive supervised hands-on practice in each of the competence areas (FAST, AAA, Vascular Access and ECHO in Life Support) before being assessed on Day 2

 opportunities to complete logged experience

opportunities to practice ultrasound
(RCEM recommends that no more than 3 months should elapse without the trainee using her/his US scanning skills, otherwise the trainee must be re-assessed with a DOPS by a trainer.)

What you get?

Expert supervision from qualified assessors:

You will get scanning experience in an OSCE-style environment, as well as feedback in line with the RCEM expected competences.

Personalised feedback:

You will receive immediate feedback on your performance plus, at the end of the day, feedback from your assigned Mentor – perfect preparation for doctors who have booked to be assessed on the following day.

Familiarity with the Assessment format:

You will get familiar with the Assessment format.


The opportunity to perform at least 8 AAA scans, 8 FAST scans, 8 ECHO scans and 8 Vascular Access scans on models, patients and phantoms, which can serve as preparation for assessment or simply form part of you logged experience.

Formal Assessment - Who is it for?

For the doctor who needs and feels ready to be assessed formally in all four of the competence areas, with a view to final sign-off. To secure a place, the candidate will need to demonstrate in advance that s/he has completed the “Theoretical and hands-on training” and “Logged experience” sections of the Triggered Assessment, that is:

  • completed all 6 Enlightenme/RCEMLearning Ultrasound modules, covering basic theory
  • and/or completed a suitable EM US Core (Level 1) course (e.g. Barts/Infomed EM US L1 course) or local modular training, covering basic practice
  • and  carried out scans [log book] and produced follow-up notes and reflective writing on 10 case studies

What do you get?

Assessment in all four areas of competence:

The candidate will be assessed in each of the four areas of competence, i.e. AAA, FAST, Vascular Access and ECHO in Life Support – as outlined in sections A, B, C and D of the Core (Level 1) Triggered Assessment.

Each Assessment:

In each area of competence, you are asked to perform three scans, each based on a different clinical scenario. In each area of competence, you are assessed on the basis of all three scans performed. Note that as part of the assessment, you may be scanning on ‘normal’ live models, patients and/or phantoms/mannequins, and you will be asked to scan on a range of different ultrasound machines. Each area of competence is assessed in around 30 minutes. All four areas of competence are assessed in just under 4 hours (including breaks, briefing and debriefing sessions).

The Assessment is strictly in line with RCEM criteria. Candidates should appreciate that the decision of the Assessors is final and independent of Infomed.


The Assessors are experienced Faculty qualified to undertake Core (Level 1) Assessment.

Final sign-off:

By the end of the Assessment Session, successful candidates will get final sign-off, i.e. will be certified as competent in Core (Level 1) Emergency Ultrasound.

Faculty members include

Hands-on emergency ultrasound practice scanning stations

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