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Emergency Radiology Update 2017

An intensive, practical course with lectures and case scenarios for Consultants, SASGs and senior STs in General Radiology and Emergency Medicine organised by Infomed Research and Training on Thursday 16 and Friday 17 November 2017, at the Park Plaza County Hall Hotel, 1 Addington Street, London SE1 7RY

Please note that this course has now been cancelled.

About the Course:

  • Lectures with a practical focus on the more difficult aspects of emergency radiology that general radiologists and emergency physicians need to deal with daily in the first critical hours.
  • Opportunity to view hundreds of images and videos over the two days, and discuss clinical problems with Consultants in a congenial atmosphere.
  • Sessions of interactive and challenging imaging-based scenarios, designed to help you assess your knowledge, challenge your practice and assess what you’ve learned.

Target audience:

The course provides an up to date simple, concise and systematic approach to the interpretation of Digital Radiography and CT that will be of interest to General Radiologists and Emergency Physicians. The course is suitable for Consultants, SASGs and senior STs.

The sessions:

Each session consists of a lecture with case scenarios, followed by Q&A. All lectures present:

X-ray image of a severe fracture of upper arm bone. Fractura corporis humeri - pseudoarthrosis.

  • an anatomy recap (as necessary)
  • normal variants
  • routine views
  • additional views and other imaging
  • common injuries
  • subtle injuries not to be missed
  • case scenarios

What previous delegates have said:

  • Excellent presenters and presentations – not too complex and the right length
  • Lectures at a good level – they covered large topics relatively quickly
  • Liked the programme, the speakers and its relevance to A&E practice
  • Broad subjects, yet relevant topics to frontline work
  • Good links to current/past research – evidenced based practice
  • The humour and approachability of the speakers – really good and well organised
  • Given me more confidence in interpreting and radiology investigations
  • Will feel more confident when ordering CT!