What three things did you like most about the course? [November 2022]

  • A truly excellent course – lots of fantastic cases. I thoroughly enjoyed every session.
  • The course exceeded my expectations
  • Wide range of cases, very good speakers, great IT set-up and support
  • It is pitched just right for me, good cases, short breaks and well organized
  • Content, Speakers, Time management all very good
  • Topics covered; quality of speakers & cases shown
  • Good collection of cases, interactive, good pace
  • I like a structure and technique to approach cases. Having my differential expanded by seeing unusual things (we don’t all work in teaching hospitals)
  • Having a pathophysiological explanation to disease process – knowing why makes it much easier to understand and recall.
  • Good range of topics, both general and subspeciality. Excellent cases.
  • Range of topic, good selection of cases, excellent speakers.
  • Content, excellent cases; interactive and very good delivery via Webex.
  • The breadth of cases. The level it was pitched at (I am a generalist at a surgical centre so this was just right). The interaction.
  • Good variety of cases, well experienced speakers, sessions very interactive, a very useful course
  • Enthusiastic presenters, great cases, plenty of variety
  • Knowledgeable and friendly interacting speakers and Infomed support always available.
  • Excellent topics and good collection of cases.
  • Online course. Good quality lectures. Image viewing system worked well.
  • Hands on experience; essential points; variety of cases
  • Good content, excellent speakers and cases and the ability to ask questions and have them discussed live
  • Good content , interactive presentations by excellent presenters…and from home, no need to travel!
  • Live interaction, friendly sessions, good variety of cases
  • Good quality lectures, lots of good cases and good streaming service.

What impact will this event have on your future practice and professional development? [November 2022]

  • More confidence in reporting HPB cases and improved reporting accuracy
  • Would be very useful in day-to-day imaging as it will improve my HPB reporting.
  • This course has opened my mind to other odd and simple but odd looking pathologies. I will keep those in mind while I practice.
  • High impact, it has boosted my confidence in general HPB reporting
  • Sure it would add more depth and skills when reporting hepatobiliary cases
  • I have a list of things for further reading to help me in my daily practice.
  • I will use knowledge gained from this course in my daily practice as a general radiologist in a DGH.
  • Made me a better generalist. I will be clearer in my reports, better able to refer and more willing to ‘have a go’ at a difficult case.
  • I have gained a better understanding and good interpretation of imaging
  • This will definitely help my HPB reporting as I already feel more confident in reporting HPB MRIs and post operative cases.
  • Very useful to update HPB radiology skills.
  • Increased knowledge and very useful for MDT and reviewing MR images for reporting other modalities
  • Will improve my confidence and hence my practice
  • No doubt this improved confidence and certainly helpful for MDT
  • Improve my diagnostic skills and reporting quality

Other comments from the previous run of this event

I liked the interactive informal setting, nice to be able to do from home, and good breadth of topics
Radiologist (delegate from this webinar in March 2022)
After attending this course I am more confident in reporting HPB exams. Thanks for this excellent course.
Radiologist (delegate from this webinar in March 2022)
Interactive cases, relevant content at DGH level, well paced with time for questions
Radiologist (delegate from this webinar in March 2022)
Very good moderators, keen to engage the audience, the technology worked well for audience participation and the speakers were keen to support as well
Radiologist (delegate from this webinar in March 2022)
Increased confidence in particular with reporting post surgical HPB cases and I feel more confident with exposure to more rare entities and being able to recognise them in future.
Radiologist (delegate from this webinar in March 2022)
Really useful content which has helped improved my foundations in HPB imaging. all appropriate to my general work.
Radiologist (delegate from this webinar in March 2022)
Lots of variety, scrollable cases and not having to travel to London! It saved me a day of annual leave!
Radiologist (delegate from this webinar in March 2022)
Good coverage of topics, with the possibility of reviewing the lectures after the course. Generally very good time keeping, as per the programme.
Radiologist (delegate from this webinar in March 2022)
Very informative, excellent speakers and useful topics with relevant cases
Radiologist (delegate from this webinar in March 2022)
The course was an excellent course which covered every aspect of HPB radiology. It is highly recommended. There was an excellent selection of cases and the speakers were outstanding. The general sessions were really helpful for the general radiologist. There were additional sessions that included more specific areas such as paediatrics, nuclear medicine, postoperative liver or rare cases that were engaging and equally interesting.
Radiologist (delegate from this webinar in March 2022)
Very well organised, excellent speakers and great cases
Radiologist (delegate from this webinar in March 2022)
excellent cases, easy to use interface and good interaction
Radiologist (delegate from this webinar in March 2022)

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